Update 1.3 (May 1, 2019)

First things first, what was fixed:

  • Many, many improvements to save/load. However, old save files will not be compatible. I’m sorry! Any updates going forward will be backwards compatible with save files from this version, though.
  • Gallery images are now unlocked across games - meaning that if you restart, images you've seen in previous games will still be displayed.
  • The end-of-episode “Continue” code no longer extends past the visible space. And the itself screen looks nicer.
  • Music now correctly stops playing when you return to the Main Menu.
  • Your chosen player name is now correctly displayed inside dialogue options.
  • Can no longer “continue” from the end of the episode to end up in the test scene. :’)
  • Some internal things now work much more fluidly than they had before. You won’t notice, but they’ll really help Episode 2.

Massive thanks to Muidoido for bringing my attention to many of these! 

But where’s Episode 2?!

There were quite a few changes (good ones!) in my real life in the past year, and of course none of my plans worked out quite like they were supposed to. However, I’m still working on Episode 2. 

  • About 15% of the episode is written so far. It’s much bigger than episode 1, and has some cool stuff that (of course) makes it significantly more complicated to write.
  • More characters will be introduced! Meet Yule's "real life" friends.

Once I've hit a point where something from Episode 2 is share-able, you may see a page creep up... Until then, thanks for your patience. <3


LSN1_OSX_20190501.app.zip 35 MB
May 01, 2019
LSN1_PC_20190501.zip 31 MB
May 01, 2019

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